What to Do After Installation of Your Word Press Blog.

Let me assume that now you have installed your WordPress, if you do not know how to create and install a word press blog from the Cpanel, then check our my previous post on this, -How to Install Wordpress automatically from your Cpanel

Now let's move to what to do next after your installations. These are the basic things which you need to do before you start posting on your blog.

The following changes  are very important that you need to do in your blog in order to make your blog prefect for search engines and readers.

 Basic Settings:

1) WordPress Themes: The default theme when you’ll install WordPress may be Twenty Ten or Twenty Eleven. First thing you need to do is to select a very good wordpress theme according to your requirements.

2) Add Favicon and Logo of the Blog.

3) Add Categories and Pages: When you install WordPress, the only default category is “Uncategorized”. So, add some categories by clinking on Posts> Categories.

You also need to add some basic pages such as About Us, Terms of Use, Privacy, Disclaimer, Contact Us, Write For Us Advertise etc in your wordpress blog. To add a page click, on New Page from Pages.

4) Adjust your time zone under ‘general’ settings.

5) Create a new administrator with new username and password and remove the default admin username.


Though there are many other good plugins too but it all depends on your requirements.You can search for adsense plugins etc

Search Engine Optimization Basics:

1) Customize the Permalink Structure: The default permalinks in wordpress are in the form of www.wazobiablog.com/?p=25. This is not nice for your search engine optimization. You will need to change this permalink structure, by visiting “Permanlinks Settings” from the Dash Board.

2) Add a FeedBurner RSS Feed in your blog so that your visitors can be automatically informed about a new blog post in their email addresses.

3) “General Setting”Put Your  Blog Title and Tagline here!

4) Maximize the Google Webmaster/Analytics Tools.

5) Install PubSubHubbub Plugin that notifies all major search engines in a much faster way(real time).

 Your blog is ready now. Start writing quality and good articles. I have always recommended 3 articles per day for serious bloggers.Some guys write as many as five articles per day. This will help your blog so much in the long run. These are some of the basic and important things that you need to do to make your blogging a success!


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