Alternative Ways to Make Money Online Aside Adsense, Paypal and ClickBank

Making money online for so many people can be a daunting task. Many people are still confused on what they wish to do online. The Lack of focus, diligence, persistence have made many people become frustrated, confused and biased about online money making opportunities.

Making money online is not all about Adsense, Paypal and ClickBank. I personally do not like the idea of being an affiliate marketer for one Click bank merchant somewhere sleeping and am there making all the money for him.

The bottom line here is that looking for the rock solid
ideas listed below, you can be able to go extra mile and do something REAL online that would fetch you dollars or whatever currency you may be handling!

Other Ways to Make Money online Aside Adsense, Paypal and ClickBank

I have always wanted people to learn from my experience as an Internet Marketer. See adsense, paypal, clickbank, amazon, etc name them. They always have their own tricks and tips to making the real dough. I mean dollars, and am not talking of $300 per month. I mean making up to $10,000 monthly if you don't understand that!

If you are still wandering about the bush, attending seminars, buying ebooks,attending bookshops, oh sorry I meant workshop whatever name those GURUS have always 'cloned' or sorry 'called' it. If you do not have a focus, know what you want, persist, have a plan, get a mentor, you may soon be frustrated out by whatever they may have taught you.

1. Start An Online Service:  Learn a new technological skill that you can take online and offer as a service and make your money in return. Do you have logo design. website design, programming knowledge? You are a good article writer? Or may be you are good with writing reviews for websites. Whatever you are good at, get it online and make money doing it for others. Personally I have designed so many blogs for people in various niches and I get my pay! Search for services online or just build a simple webpage and advertise your services and even products.

2. Start a Bulk SMS Business: Last year during a meeting with some colleagues, someone said he was given a contract to send BULKSMS messages to about 5 Million numbers. The guy in question made a profit of about N5 million from the contract alone. BulkSMS is a cool business if you know how it works. Perhaps you do not know that the latest way of easier communication now is through bulk sms messaging. I am running a bulk sms company in nigeria named ' sellingbulksms.com
 and WazobiaBulksms

3. Training: Many schools are springing up now in the country which are strictly Internet Business School. I intent to open one very soon too in Calabar. If you go to Lagos, you will see them. Forex Business School, NetBiz Schools, they have got different brand names.
If you are good in any internet or home based business. Start a school and train people. Consequently after the duration of training, you may issue certificates. I know guys who charge N50,000 for one on one Forex training. They may not even be experts in the field.

4. Become A Pocket Moni Consultant: With the advent in mobile solutions and technology, making money in mobile money services as an agent cannot be over emphasized. If you have thousands of users under you. You can be making up to N250,000 monthly from your users transaction fees. Currently I am reaching 500 users in my pocket moni account by simply instructing my readers on how it works and at the end of the day they are registered through my agent code. If you are yet to know about eTranzact PocketMoni CLICK HERE Now!

5. Create a Membership Website: If you really want to make money online, you definitely must have a website. Most of this World renowned gurus -the likes of Microsoft, Facebook, Ewen Chia, etc they all have websites. So if having a website is not in your dreams, then you may be wasting your precious time reading this post. A membership website is a website where you get customers who subscribe to your services or products monthly or yearly. It is a perfect recurring income for you if you are into this. You can create a football membership website for signal tips, a dating agency website, forex membership website where you can give signals and tips. A website where members can download useful resources monthly.

6. Own A Randomiser Website: You may not know but am telling you today that if you are a owner of a randomizer website, you will have testimony to share with me here. Randomiser program, though perceived by some that it is not an easy way to make money online. I am telling you today that it is if only you are the admin or owner of such a program. The members too who are hard working will make serious cash in it too. The purpose of this post is for you to be a randomiser website owner and not a member. The owners are the ones making all the money. I have one here Check it out! NetgradeWealth.com
Learn more about how randomizer programs work here...

If you will have to own your randomiser website, kindly contact me. Just use the contact us form here. Only N20,000 will get you one.

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