Failing Online is Not Your Portion. Get the Right Mind-Set!

I have heard of so many tales and woes of what many have passed through in their efforts to make an online income. If you are just starting to go online and especially if you are making all the researches and efforts on your own without any guide or mentor-ship like me when I first started my internet business. I tell you, It can be very FRUSTRATING!!!

Just Like me, I passed through rigorous nights of thinking and meditation of the possibilities of having an online income like the claims I always see all over the internet. I kept asking questions such as: Could some one really make thousands of dollars online right from your bedroom by only connected to the internet?

Could I be one of these widely known Internet Gurus like Joel Comm
(Guy that makes $30,000 monthly from Adsense), like Jimmy Brown (The No 1 Internet Website Traffic Expert), Ewen Chia ( the Guys that yields Thousands of Dollars monthly from ClickBank)?
I made researches about both International Internet Business Experts and the ones we have in Nigeria.

In the course of my search, I have attended many seminars, bought e-books, softwares and really dug dip into the ground to crack the code.

Fortunately not very far, I cracked the code!

Now, this subject is about you. why? Because my past experiences may have been related to yours too...You may have spend money buying e-books, attended seminars, went to workshops... etc without having a concrete results. Do not be frustrated yet because if you believe that you can Make the internet your virtual office just like the owner of Facebook did making Billions of dollars yearly, then you too can make consistent online income if you have the right mind-set, focus and persist in your efforts to crack the code.

I wish to remind you again that making money online is real, very very very REAL. Because I am a testimony to this. This is what I am doing currently and what I love doing for Life as long as the Internet World Exist and there is Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, Twitter etc.

Try to Google some of the owners of the World's Richest People on earth and You will discover that they have taken their Businesses Online!


- Get a Mentor
- Do what He/She is doing... Follow their steps,
- Sell something online
- Offer a service or take your business online
- Get your payment Gateway ready.
- Have your Own Website and Monetize with all the Money Making Resources available.

I believe you have learnt one of two things Today!

Have a lovely day!

Your Friend,

Eniola Adewale
Chief Blogger


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