How to Add Facebook 'Like' Button to Your Webpage.

When you add a Facebook "like" button it makes it easy for your visitors to help spread the word about your website. When your visitors click on the "like" button, their news feed on Facebook gets updated with a link to your page. Moreover, it is quite easy to add the "like" button to your Web page,  because we shall be using free Facebook tools.


Visit FACEBOOK website to get your "like" button code:
 Or visit directly:
Fill out the form with the URL of the page where you will place the button plus some style settings and other preferences as you desired. When you are done, click "Get Code" to generate the button code
  • Copy the code that appears in the pop-up box. When placing the button on your own page, use the code labeled "iframe." Use XFBML code only to add the button to a page you own on Facebook, like a fan page.
  • Open the HTML file for your Web page in a code editor or a plain-text editor like Notepad. Paste the "like" button code where you want it to appear on the page. For example, if you want to add it below the title on the web page, place it under the <h1> tag or first <hgroup> tag. Target the <iframe> tag in Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) code if you need to float the button to the right or left of a page element or give it extra styling.

    That is it!
    Now refresh your webpage to see your facebook link link

    Eniola Adewale
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