Making Money Online: Get Your Membership Website.

You may have heard that if you are aspiring to make money online without having your own website, you may still be dreaming. Having your own website either you want to be selling your offline business products and services online or you just want to sell information products. You need to have you own Website.

If you not ready to have your own website or just do not like having one, then you are PRACTICALLY not READY to make money online at least for the long run.

An Idea here is to have a membership website.

What is a membership website?

It is a website that you offer services or products to your clients and customers for a monthly subscription, a yearly subscription or just a One Time Payment Subscription.

You may desire to have a membership website in the following niches:
- Dating
- Sports (Soccer)
- Real Estate
- Forex
- Investment analysis and tips
- Gold Trading
- Stock Picks
- Health
- eBusiness Magazine
- Web domain/hosting business

etc the list is endless. Think of a possible solution to a problem or need that people will always want to pay you for and subsccribe for the service.

The above list is to give you an idea on what you can create a membership website to do.

Get going... Having a membership site could be your next bet in making a residual online income.

Your friend,

Eniola Adewale

Chief Blogger

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  1. Real estate, Forex are a waist of money, even though there are tonns of info on how to succeed.

  2. @ speed dating leeds, what is your basis for saying that real estate and forex niches are a waste of time. Do you have any personal experience on these areas? kindly let us know... There are so many people who have heard real successes with these two you just condemn. So what is your criteria for saying they are waste of money?


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