PingOat.com: Register to Notify the Search Engines of your blog.

Before now, pingoat which is a software that helps you notify the search engines and blog directories about any updates on your blog has been offering free services which does not require you to register.

On getting to the website today, I discovered that they have updated the website with few new features. Register and Login pages. Though, I believe you can still ping your blog FREE, but a new development is not in place. Before you can ping your blog, you'll need to register first!

This came to my mind? Why are they bringing this option of registration NOW?
Why do thy need our contacts, email addresses for?

Honestly speaking when I saw this, I had to open a new tab and login to pingomatic- a similar website that does not require you to register and I pinged my blog instantly!

I have always ranked pingoat higher from my perspective in the pinging services, but as the case may be pingomatic may be on my mind from now on.

I just want to know why these guys brought up registration..... why register before you ping your blog again....?

Pinging your blog helps index your pages and post to the search engines and the crawlers can easily be notified that your blog has been updated! You know search engines love blogs that get updated every minute and every day.  You into blogging? Don't only blog.... Ping it too!


Eniola Adewale


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