What is PageRank all About?

This is one internet language that you should be familiar about. You probably must have heard about it or you just do not know what it is about. Some even confuse people the more by simply saying my PR is 5, or 3 or even 1. What the hell is that? I am going to explain that to you in this article.

Page Rank  is an algorithm that essentially rates the importance of a website page on the internet.

You must understand that each page has a web site Page Rank. This dependent on so many factors including quality of content, number of backlinks and the huge traffic going to that page or your webste itself. People may  normally use PR to mean Page Rank. It's still the same.

Page Rank are being updated like 3 to 4 times yearly depending on Google's initiative. The lower your rank simply means the higher the relevance of your website.

To check your own page rank visit: http://www.websiteoutlook.com and type your domain in the space bar or any website you wish to check out its page rank. You will then press 'Go' Results would be displayed within seconds. Also have in mind that you may not the updated information about the website you are checking, in this case just click on 'update' on the website and recheck again.


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