What Type of Blogger Are You?

Before you start blogging at all you need to have something in mind.You need to know what kind of blogger you want to be. Being a blogger entails so many things. From personal research there are many types of bloggers online. From my own view there are three types of bloggers. In the listed types of bloggers below with full description, you should be able to know where you belong as a blogger if you do not deceive yourself. Knowing the type of blogger you are will help you to focus more on your strengths and deliver effective results.

3 types of bloggers:

1. Bloggers without a cause
2. Hobby bloggers
3. Business/community/consultant bloggers.

Bloggers Without a Cause:These are bloggers who are only interested in using the internet to build an income but have no particular passion they want to blog about and/or any idea of what topic to cover.
They may have an advantage over other bloggers because they do not come online with any idea of what they think will sell but have to spend time finding that out.
By having no real idea about what they want to do in particular, these peoples will spend more time researching out what products are hot in the market right now which of course all bloggers should really do anyway.

Passion/Hobby Bloggers:  The blogger in this group really knows that they have a hobby or a passion for a particular niche and they want to use their blog to share what they know.
 Bloggers in this group still need to do a lot of research to find out more about their hobby and who are the other people online who love it too.

They look for other bloggers already blogging about their hobby and take a look at the information they provide and how they might do it differently. I know some guys who are passion bloggers.
Passion bloggers are known to have natural talents in what they love writing about.They are inspirational tycoons.

They may not be really interested in having an income from their blog. They just blog their way in helping people find useful information from what they know.

Business/Professional/Consultant Bloggers: These are bloggers with a trained skill and/or a particular expertise that they want to promote online. Many of them may run a business offline, delivering consultancy work, or run a service related business. Even churches and charities can use a blog as a way of promoting their cause and raising money for their organization.

Like the other two categories professional blogger also research more on what they want to know about and then add information to it. That is why when you search for bloggers, there are always bloggers in health, sciences, technology, relationships, investment etc. They are already trained experts in such field offline.


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