6 Unique Ways to Advertise Your Website Offline.

If you are a blogger, a website owner or you are rendering any products and services online. You need to have both offline and online traffic.
If you have been following my blog, I have been consistently writing about how to get online traffic to your website.

Today I shall be discussing about how to reach your targeted audience by using and implementing the readily available offline tools. There are many offline marketing techniques and strategies that we can use to get HUGE traffic and visitors to your blog/website.

6 Ways to Get Offline Traffic:

1. Newspapers & Magazines:
This is an excellent way of advertisement because so many people are bound to read newspapers daily. It can be quite expensive to run a full page color ads in national newspapers and glossy magazines, but you can start a small Classified advert space when just starting.This could be a trial and error form of advertisement and though many factors are to be considered in this regard, how you wrote your sales pitch, sales letter, the headline, body etc. If you get good response and traffic, you can consider getting a half or full page color advert. You would have at least created credibility and trust.

2. Banner adverts and Posters: If it is permitted in your area to decently and neatly showcase your banners and posters, I believe with well packaging and graphics, you should create maximum attention from passers by.

3. Television and Radio Adverts: Though many have considered this form of advertisement to be quite expensive and demanding. It is still a good top shot to creating fast and quick awareness among the population.

4. Promotional Products:
Create a brand or company logo and presentably put it on your products and services. items such as pens, coffee mugs, key chains, coasters, calendars may be a great start!

5. Bulk SMS Advertisement: Have you heard about BULK SMS service? If you haven't used it, I will advice you start using the service to promote your products and services because of its effectiveness and high impact.

6. Business Cards: This is an effective way to reach out to new prospects and customers. All you just need to do is to give out your business cards to your friends, colleagues and associate. They spread the word about you. You put word of mouth advertisement to work for you.


Eniola Adewale
Chief Blogger



  1. Thanks for ur information :D

  2. Newspapers and Magazines are indeed a great help too. You can put your website there and encourage them to visit it. Yes, those stuffs will do.


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