Blogging Addiction Disorder (BAD) & Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD): Are You Affected?

I came across this short article below concerning the above mentioned title and I decided to publish it on my blog to gather opinions from my readers concerning this phenomenon called Internet Addiction Disorder also know as IAD, the other one is called Blogging Addiction Disorder (BAD). From these two types of addiction one can clearly be easily affected if you are not careful and watchful of your activities on the internet. A little social bookmaking, blogging, browsing and chatting may turn into an addicition.

Here is the excerpt from the article source:
 The writer compared blogging addiction to IAD. May be you are aware of IAD ( Internet Addiction Disorder). Its a rising topic ( http://allpsych.com/journal/internetaddiction.html ) .In short, People are getting crazy to stay online, sometime he is sick. Some people ignoring their family, kids, nature, travel and even food. Same is happening to bloggers. Some bloggers are busy 24 hours on blogs. Staying hours and hours with a unavoidable passion of typing and publishing is what they do.

Don't you think blogging is addictive, did you ever thought you may be silently suffering from IAD or even BAD?

Please kindly drop your comments. Thanks.

SOURCE: http://bloggers.com/talk/blogging-addiction-disorder-bad#reply59517


Eniola Adewale
Chief Blogger @  WazobiaBlog

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  1. I was affected about 3 years ago. It was an awful period, when I was blogging all the time, did'n pay any attention on friends and relatives. But then I understood it war not right. I'm happy with my life, that is full of emotions OFFLINE. But I should say that it's a great problem, many people just can't imagine their life without Internet. It's awful! We should do smth with this!


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