Forex Trading is NOT for Everybody!

Many have always been desperate about going into Forex Trading. They attend a seminar or a workshop today and the next thing is to go and open a live account tomorrow to start trading and within one week they come back with stories about losses and other tales. I have seen many people like that who either without proper guidance or counseling are made to believe that money can be made on the forex market overnight without passing the rigors.

The fact is that FOREX is not meant for everybody! That is the BLUNT TRUTH!
Take it or leave it.

Even the various forex brokers have always said that Forex trading is a risky investment and every trader should check himself/herself if he/she is up to the task.

That said claim that do not trade what you cannot afford to loose has always falling into deaf ears of most traders as the greedy passion to win every every is utmost in their hearts.

The Brokers shall and most likely be always in the market cutting short the livespan, livelihood and substances of her greedy traders every single day. 

Who Forex Trading is Not For:

Forex Trading is not for:

1. Newbies who have not demo traded for at least 6 months.
2. Forex Trading is not for unfocused traders. If your personality is a type that is unfocused and not having a plan. Then you may be easily blew by the different wind of strategies blowing every day by the so called Fx-Experts.
3. People who have health problems specifically cardiac or heart related problems can be endangered. Forex can make you have a heart attack if you are not careful. It puts your heart up!
4.  It is not for GREEDY people. If you are the greedy type, please find another job to do. The market has always turned greedy men into humble and poor people.
5. It is not for Stubborn people. If you can't easily yield to advice and simple trading signals form a professional, you may soon be in the drain.

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