Why Using Internet Banking Is a Good Idea...

This morning having all my stressful schedules in place: attending an important early morning meeting, afterwards seeing my project supervisor, a couple of course mates and colleagues, now remembering I have to get to the bank to perform some transfers and other similar transactions related to my internet business gave me a headache! Chei! I said how am I suppose to cope with all these and I always love getting engaged basically in the morning hours doing all my tasks?

Thank revolution and technology with our E-Banking platforms!

Internet Banking otherwise known as e-Banking, Cashless
Banking is a great way to conduct transactions at ease without you necessary going to the bank

What is Internet or e-Banking all about? With internet banking, you can make your banking transactions faster, easier and stree-free without the possibility of going to the bank or seeing your account officer.

All you have to do is to login using your account number and your password online and then make your banking transactions in minutes.

Nigerian Banks Using Internet Banking Services:

Personally, I know that the following banks are currently using e-banking in  Nigeria

- Gtbank
- FirstBank of Nigeria (FBN)
- Zenith Bank
- United Bank for Africa (UBA)

I have always recommended GtBank services not only that I personally use their services, but there are a lot of testimonies about their e-banking services and infact they are among one of the first banks in Nigeria to start operating Internet Banking services.

How to Get Started With Internet Banking:

Firstly you need to have an account with any of the above mentioned banks. They will also want you to operate the account for some time, but as at now I do not know if they can get you instant access to internet banking even if it is a new account opening. You may need to walk into any of their branches and make inquiries.

 - You may need to also request for an application form for internet banking. Get the form which is FREE and fill in the details correctly and submit it.

Importance of Internet Banking:
Many uses are applicable to e-banking platforms which are:

- You can make transfers within your own account. For instance, if you wish to make a transfer from your savings account to your current account or vice versa, it can be easily done.
- Transfers from your account to a beneficiary's account of the same bank.
- Transfers to other account holders of other banks...This may include small charges.
- Airtime recharge
- Bills payments etc

Security Of Your Internet Banking Is a Must:
If you do not want all your funds to be wiped out within seconds. You MUST be careful of how you protect your login details and other important account accesses to your account.

It is better to know all your login details by heart than writing them down in one piece of paper. You don't know who can come across it mistakenly.

You can start making transactions on the internet, all that is required is for you to know the CORRECT website address of your bank where there is the facility to perform online transactions.

You can do your e-banking from either from your  java enabled phone or desktop computer and or laptop.

Just make sure you are protected!


Eniola Adewale

Chief Blogger

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