Before You Start Blogging. Important Blogging Questions You Must Ask Yourself!

Many have been hoping and dreaming to be the next top and most renowned blogger in the next 6 months. That is a very good idea and dream if you ask me. But still many are yet to realize the importance of blogging because from experience we have seen that many seem frustrated within a short while of starting.

They just jump in and jump out! Blogging is just like another job if you ask me and it's not bread and butter.

It takes hard work just like any other job to succeed.

In this article I have put in some questions that you as a potential blogger or an existing  blogger to ask yourself if really YOU can or cannot be a blogger. Everybody can be bloggers but not all can be REAL bloggers!

 Important Questions to Ask Yourself in Your Blogging Journey:

- Do you want to be a Full time or Part Time Blogger?  The journey to blogging starts with this MOST critical and important question. You don't just want to start blogging today and next week you stop writing. See, one of the most important blogging question is to ask if you have passion for this thing. Writing starts and ends with passion. Without passion for blogging, you may soon see yourself getting frustrated when you see that ideas are not flowing as they should be. So try answering this question before moving to the next step......... Do you want to be a Full time or Part time blogger? The answer would determine where you are heading.

- Who is Your Mentor? You need to understand that for every profession there is a mentor or a teacher. So the very simple question is how many successful mentors and bloggers do you know in your field. At least you should have 5 great bloggers you should be familiar with and who may always be a source of inspirations to you.

- Do you Want to just Blog for Money Fast? The next question to ask yourself is this... are you entering to blogging just to make money fast fast or are you venturing into the business to help, share and impact greatly into people's lives by sharing quality and vital information? If you are in to make thousands of dollars in your first month, then this is not your field.

More Important questions coming.... Keep yourself  updated with this post.


Eniola Adewale
Founder WazobiaBlog.com

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