How To Link Text or Image in Blogger- HyperLinking

If you are a blogger, you must understand that somethings are always necessary to be done on your blog to make it look professional always. Part of the things to be done is to always inter-link your blog either by linking your texts or images so that your readers can always click through your pages and links, thereby making your readers and visitors to stay longer on your website and pages.

Hyper-linking creates and interesting blog look when you do it stylishly and professionally as stated above.

Back to our title proper, if you are a blogger and you need to know how to create hyper link within your text or images. Then follow me in this blog.

What is hyper-linking by the way?

Hyper-linking is just a way to link your texts or images for the purpose of reference or you want to redirect a visitor to another page without necessarily typing the long url in the article, but embedding it within a text! Simple.

For example: You may have read articles where people have always asked you to CLICKHERE! The click here in this example would have been linked 'under' for the purpose of clicking to another url within a website or a page.

So How Do I Hyper-Link Text and Images?

Very simple! The first thing is to know what you want to link, you need to get your url ready, your images if you are linking within an image.

The next thing is to highlight the text or image you want to link and click on the 'link option' on the bar just right above your blog post where you have other options like underline, bold, after shade and before image insertor, you'll see the 'Link'. Just click on it.
Next, you'll be prompted to insert the url or website address you wish to link the text or image to. and also put a name to it, this is optional though.

Next, click on 'open link to open in a new window or same page'. Click ok and you are done!

That is it.

Eniola Adewale

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