How Would You Plan to Make $500 Within 30days?

I recently published this post as a question on bloggers.com about the possibility on how to make an extra $500 with 30days from your blog if you are a blogger. I have received so many comments and suggestions from the topic which I will want you to go and check yourself and also drop your comments if you wish!
The purpose of this question is for everyone to learn the strategies and
techniques we can all use to earn such an amount within 30 days. Have an idea drop your comment below or join the discussion by visiting the below link.

Here is the link http://bloggers.com/talk/how-would-you-plan-to-make-500-within-30days-with-your-blog#reply65147

Perhaps you may not know that Bloggers.com is a place for bloggers to meet and share views and relevant topics and articles  to help one another.


Eniola Adewale

Chief Blogger

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  1. 500 dollars in 30 days is not bad, its so cool to earn by just updating your blog but it is pretty hard to earn it in easy way you still have to bleed for it.

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