Zenith Bank's Internet Banking: Easy, Safe, Secure and Faster Way for Transactions!

Internet Banking is now becoming a faster method of embracing the cashless economy introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria. Though most bank's in Nigeria now have the facility for Internet Banking. But today I am specifically talking about Zenith Bank's internet banking and the process and steps to get your own activated in Nigeria and where ever you are in the world.

Internet banking is a real-time solution that allows you to access your accounts 24 hours a day,
7 days a week. You may check your balances, view your account statements and transaction history for your various accounts. You can also transfer money between your accounts, pay your bills and do many things.

All you need is a personal computer that is connected to the Internet, any browser of your choice. I personally use the Mozilla/firefox to assess my internet banking.

How to Sign-Up for Zenith Bank's Internet Banking:

If you are already a customer with Zenith Bank, here are the things you need to do: 
Contact your account officer to send you the Internet  Banking application form . Upon filling the form, your user name, access code and password will be given to you.              

You will be required to sign-in with these details given to you and change your password to a desired secret password.

You can then start enjoying all the benefits attached to your internet banking interface: transfer funds between customers of zenith bank, transfer funds to other banks locally.

Just follow the simple instructions that are requested for when using the platform.

Kindly also note that for you to make transfers to other banks, you will either be given a software token or a hardware token. The software token shall be given you free, that is a code shall always be sent your phone number and email address whenever you wish to make a transfer to other banks. But the limitation is that you cannot transfer more than N50,000 per day. But if you requested for the hardware token, you can transfer up to N2,000,000 transactions daily. The hardware token comes with a price of N3000 upon application.

If you need further clarifications about Zenith Bank's Internet Banking,kindly visit any of their branches nation wide.


Eniola Adewale
Chief Blogger, WazobiaBlog.com

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