5 Online Businesses that Yield Passive Income Even While You Sleep.

  • The good thing about having and creating online business to find something to do that you are passionate about. Many are looking for quick and get rich quick venture that won't last long, so it is better to find out and create an online business venture in Nigeria that has a long term goal.

     In this article , you will find some good to go 4 online businesses that am doing that you may also do that can create for you a passive income even while you are sleeping. 

    The important thing is to acquire information about the business you are about to go into and then set it up. 

    Web hosting reselling business

Though the  market is a bit saturated, you can still make a kill
out of this business. But the good side of this business is that it can run on autopilot; once you have put in the initial effort and gotten some clients, you are set.
  • Membership sites

 A membership website is a site that offer “specific information” to people; all for a monthly recurring fee. A successful membership site can generate income monthly without you lifting a finger. Assuming you just finished a website that gives tips on football/soccer matches every day. You designed a good website, promoted it, get about 100 members for a start. Let's say each member pays $10 per month to assess the tips you dish out daily on football picks. You will be making $1000 monthly from all your members. Cool isn't it? That is the joy of having a membership website. If you are an expert in your industry, then you should definitely think of starting a membership site.
  • Build your own Blog network

Having a  blog is one of the best online businesses you can start today with. The downside of a blog is that it’s not a short term profit maker; but it can bring you fortunes and fame later . Though getting a blog and managing it consistently is not an easy thing to do. 
You should start with one blog only. Once your blog or blogs are up and running, you can enjoy steady streams of passive income through  various means like offering advertisement spaces, Google ads, Affiliate programs, etc

  Bulk SMS Business

This business is getting ahead now as people now see the importance of running messages, adverts, send messages to members, groups through the use of bulk sms. Starting this business can be very rewarding, and just like any other business, where the only fuel is getting customers. It can be a very lucrative venture if you have a very good price and reliable sms service. Want to get started with this business? Click here for more information

Create an E-commerce Store:

E-commerce websites are coming up now. It is a store you can set up online to sell products like electronics, books, phones, etc just like ebay and amazon. You deliver to products to your customers where ever they are after confirming their payments and ordering online.


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  1. The last two isn't really passive income business. Its still considered active because you still have to work at it.

  2. Hi Abdul, BulkSMS from an angle may still be regarded as a passive income business, because though at the initial stage of starting up just like any other business one needs to work and get customers, but once you have customers assuming 1000 bulk sms users, then the whole business may turn into a passive income where you have gained you trust and at any time, they will always come back to you to order for your service. The business pays off from there while looking for other business opportunities to invest into. The same, I think applies to the E-commerce store business also.

    Thanks for stopping by


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