Best Paying Online Investment Network in Nigeria. Make N2000 Instantly

Coupled with the amazing benefits you stand to gain from just being a member of this program, the benefits are quite enormous. With over 500 members and still counting, NairaInvestmentClub has come to stay.
Started in 2008 with the vision to empower and create an avenue to wealth through enriching lives with quality information products and genuine, reliable, networking opportunity that is tested and proven to survive for ever!

This is not like any other network marketing business model that you have done or heard about. I personally love their plans and it works well conveniently for me and for so many Nigerians that have joined the program. You do not need the stress to join and succeed like other ones you may have heard about!

NairaInvestmentClub is still considered by many in Nigeria as the best online and networking business opportunity to go for! With a one-time fee of N3,000 required to become an activated member of the club.The numerous monthly benefits attached cannot be over emphasized. Just read on please.
You also have an opportunity to download numerous ebooks and softwares as an activated member.

Now here is where the money really is... Aside from the fact that you are given resale rights to th products that are available for download at your member area, you also make money from other members that you introduce to the program without stress.

Here is how the Payment Works with Naira Investment Club as an Activated Member.

You:  Beome activated with N3,000

You make N2,000 from every Activated Direct referrals you introduce into the club for life!
You also make N500 from every activated indirect referrals that your direct referrals introduce for life!

That means:
For example if I introduce 10 people every week into the program every week. Then if they all become activated with their N3,000. I shall be making N2,000 EACH from all of them. Cool N20,000? Yes it is.

If all my direct referrals that I introduce also refer 2 people each (indirect referrals) for example. I shall be making another N500 from each of the indirect referrals.  
That is: 2 x10 = 20 indirect referrals, 
Making 20 x N500 = N10,000 every week for instance!

I am making in total of N30,000 every week right! Calculate N20,000 (from my direct referrals + N10,000 indirect referrals)! 
Definitely I can earn more than this if I put little efforts in just talking to people about this program 2hours daily! I can decide to target N50,000 every week if I decide to hold a free seminar about this program any day I like.

Please if you are already salivating and you are about joining this program now. Please when you go to the website to register kindly put my username: Wazobia as your referral username, so I can make N2000!

The same shall be done for you to when you become activated!

The admin is left with N500. Well I believe that covers administrative costs, website maintenance, logistics,advertisements etc.

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