How Can I Make Money with My Liberty Reserve?

Recently I was browsing through the NairaLand forum- A widely known Nigerian forum that has hundreds of thousands as members. Specifically I was checking through their business segment and I read something like 'How can I make money with my Liberty Reserve?' It was a question demanding for answers by one of the posters.

This is a very good question by someone who really desires to make money online.
It is out of strong will and passion will make some one to ask such a question and that is why if you truly do not know something you need to ask questions from people who are doing what you are requesting for.

Liberty Reserve Money Making Opportunities:

There are  many programs online that people use to earn and make money into their Liberty Reserve account.

Here in this article, I am only going to list them out and much details shall be written about
each of them on my blog in future posts an the ones that I have already talked about kindly read related articles.

So Let's Ride:

1. Liberty Reserve e-currency Exchange Services
2. Liberty Reserve online investments program. Critical analysis and research need to be made so you don't get your fingers burnt!
3. Liberty Reserve Randomizer programmes.
4. Liberty Reserve Head and Tail Coin flipping/Games
5. Liberty Reserve Referral program
6. Sell E-books/Offer Services online.
7.FootBall Trading
8. Forex Trading
9. Binary Options Trading.


Think and Grow Rich!

In My Future Articles, I shall be writing comprehensively on the ones that I have not written about on this blog.


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  1. Thanks for taking time for sharing this article, it was excellent and very informative. It’s my first time that I visit here. I found a lot of informative stuff in your article. Keep it up.

  2. thanks you sir it was very clear but you should write more on them

  3. I have found a site where you can make some easy money if you are prepared to sit in front of your computer for 1-2 hours daily, I would like to share my findings with you. Firstly, visit the site and read the rules as to how the game works.


    Now, let’s make some money,
    IMPORTANT: Only ever bet on either HEAD or TAIL (once you have chosen, keep betting the exact same button throughout your game, do not change) Do not panic if your first two bets lose on HEAD and change your bet to TAIL or this system will not work.
    Your first bet must always be the minimum bet which is 0.02$. If the bet wins, your second bet is again 0.02$, but if it loses, your second bet must increase to 0.03$, if this bet loses you place another bet for 0.05$ then if that bet loses( which it rarely does) your next bet is 0.1$, then 0.3$, then 0.5$. I have never lost more than 7 times in a row and the money I make from the last bet will cover all my losses.
    The most important rule to remember with this system is to only bet on either HEAD or TAIL (for me that is the golden rule for this game), do not place one bet on HEAD and the next on TAIL, or it will not work, and even more importantly, whenever you have a winning bet, you must always make the next bet the minimum(i.e. 0.02$) or else the strategy will not work.
    I have been using this method for some time now and although it has not made me a millionaire, it has given quite a good income (50-60 USD an hour)
    Before visiting the site, you must remember the golden rules:
    MOST IMPORTANT : Do not get greedy, when you have a winning bet you must make the next bet 0.02$ .
    If you follow these rules precisely I can assure you that you will be in profit from this game.
    Good Luck!



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