How Many People Still Use Ezine Articles For Traffic Generation?

I am not totally against back-link traffic, most people including me believe that one of the ways to generate cool traffic to your website is through back-link and one good way is through article marketing. You can generate many backlink to your blog by simply writing a 250 words article and submit to article directories like ezines, goarticles, search warp, articlecity, articlebase etc.

When I started internet marketing, generating backlinks from this way was my top priority. Attend any seminar and most internet gurus will advice you to generate traffic to your website through this free method.

Recently, I understood that generating traffic through this method wasn't effective as I thought it to be. Though article marketing will eventully pay you if you are looking at long time goal.

See why I don't like article marketing any longer:

1. There are many and numerous keywords you need to compete with on those article website
2. There are virtually related topics and titles you may be thinking of writing on.
3. Most people who visit article directories hardly visit the resource url/website link
4. Many people do not waste time on article directories searching for authors or whatever!
5. You can't control who visits your post
6. Many directories do not provide income opportunities for writers.

Why I love Blogging and Publishing My Articles on My Blog:

- It will pay you now and in the long run.
- You do not have to bother about competitive keywords and major researches before you can come up with articles.
- You are not afraid of other authors posing as competitors to you.
- You can also invite guest authors to publish on your blog/website
- You make all the traffic to yourself. You get direct, organic traffic from search engines.
- You get repeat visitors
- You create a good name and brand for your self.
- Word of mouth marketing will always work for you if you are an expert blogger.
- You make sales, adsense earnings and more from your single blog!

Why don't you start blogging like us if you have the passion.

God bless you

Eniola Adewale
CEO WazobiaBlog

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