How to Create a Blogger Page.

In this simple step by step guide, I shall talk about how to create pages using blogger. In case you have been wondering how to create a page and make your blog look like a website where you can create pages for  'About', 'Products', 'Contact Us', 'Privacy' etc this useful article will guide you on how to do just that! Either you are using the ordinary blogspot.com or the customized domain, you can apply this feature to your blog.

How to Create a Page in Blogger?

The editor of Blogger Page is same as the editor of Blogger post, so you could easily create a page.

Simply follow the given steps:
  • Login and open your blog’s dashboard. Go to Pages section from left side of the page.
    Page in Blogger
  • Now click on New page, a drop down menu will appear. It will have two options,
    1. Blank Page, 2. Web address.
    If you want to create a page inside Blogger then choose Blank page tab you can use it to create About us page, contact us page in it.
    But if you want to add a External link, then select Web address tab. But we shall select Blank Page in this tutorial.
    blogger page
  • A text editor will open same like as Blogger post editor. So it will be very easy for you if you know How to Create a Post.
  • That’s it.

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