How to Register and Benefit From GistandCash.com

Do you wish to join the GistandCash family? Maybe you have heard about the opportunities and benefits of joining this new revolution in the telecommunication network provided by Glo and Stanbic IBTC Bank in collaboration with Rich Vision Consultancy Limited.

This is a passive income generating network business opportunity that enables you to make money right from your own. A home based business everyone has been aspiring for all this years!

Now, the purpose of this article is to enlighten our esteem readers on how to register and get their own Gist and Cash website with the benefits attached brought by Rich Vision Consultancy LTD in partnership with GLO and Stanbic IBTC.

How to Get Involved and The Benefits of GistandCash.

- Joining GistandCash is very easy! First before you can join the program, a one time fee of N3,500 is required payable to the program's bank account. Please note that you can't register on the website as a free member without first making the payment at the bank because you need the payment details including your teller no, name of depositor etc to be filled while registering. So, Write out the Bank details from the website, Go to any Branch of StanbicIBTC Bank to make your payments, collect your teller and come back to the website to register. Here is how the registration page looks like:


Personal Details

Full Name:
Date of Birth:  
Mobile Number:
E-Mail Address:
Address Line1:
Address Line2:
City Name:
State Name:
Zip Code:
Country Name:

Member Details   FILL CAREFULLY. Errors CANNOT be reversed.

Preferred Login Name:   
Use small letters only. SPACE, Numbers or Symbols are NOT allowed.
Confirm Password:
Reference Login Name: zion
CHANGE this to your referrer's (sponsor) ID.
Contact him/her for the correct ID and double-check BEFORE final submission as it cannot be changed.
Shipping Type:    I will pick up my connection.
   Send me connection through courier

Payment Details

Amount Payable:
Payment Mode:
Security Code:

  I agree terms and conditions.

-  Now that you have made your payments, kindly go here to register. Note that you need to be referred by someone who is already in the network. In this case, I am your referral with username: zion. Please don't forget to put 'zion' as your username when you are registering, in the space provided.

- Fill all details correctly including your payment details as requested.

- Next click on submit
- You will now be prided with your login details and your own personal website instantly.
- Activation of your gistandcash account shall be done within 24 hours.
- Thereafter, you can start making money and get the benefits of making residual income, free unlimited 24/7 calls to all members of your team.

Please if you have joined the program, you shall receive your package containing your business kits, specail sim pack etc. That is if you paid N3,500 you may need to go to their nearest office to pick up your packages or if you pay N5,000, your business kits shall be sent to you through courier.

If you need additional assistance whatsoever please do not hesitate to contact me on 07038844295 either you are a prospective member or an existing member of GistandCash

Have a great time!

Eniola Adewale
GistandCash reference login name: zion
Referral link to register: http://www.gistandcash.com/users.zion.php

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  1. I never knew that gistandcash can be this rewarding


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