Fiverr.com: Render Products,Services and Get Paid $5

Do you have service or products to render? Are you looking for a cool way to render these services online and make money for only $5?
Where ever you are in the world, this website called Fiverr can help you discover and turn your talent into a money making opportunity.

What is Fiverr.com?

Fiverr is a place where buyers and sellers meet to engage in business transactions. I mean business in the sense whereby as a seller-You, you go to the website and offer your services and products to esteem buyers who shall be willing to pay you $5 for it.

The $5 we are talking about is fixed on all seller's services and product offerings. This is a cool way to earn some bucks by using this website anytime anyday.

How Does it Work?

Firstly to get started, you need to register FREE @ fiverr.com and open an account. You will be asked simple questions, just fill in the answers correctly.

Next, check your email for a confirmation mail, confirm it and there you go! Congratulations...

 How to Start Working with Fiverr

Working with fiverr isn't technical or complicated at all.
There is something called gigs. All you have to do is to create gigs and I mean as many gigs as possible. A gig comes in this way for example: I will write 50 articles for you for $5.

That is an example of a gig at fiverr. You place an instruction concerning your gig and there you go. What you are willing to do for people on the website is known as your Gig.

You can also upload a relevant picture that is related to your Gig.

How to Make Money with Fiverr

Making money with Fiver starts when you start creating as many gigs as possible and get orders.

Surely you can't create an irresistible offers without getting results. But the key here is to create many gigs as possible, please note that you must create gigs that you know you can deliver within the stipulated period you set.

You make sure you deliver your work on time. Don't engage in dispute with your buyer.

Another important note is that your buyers can always review your work in order to increase your integrity and reputation on the website.

In addition, fiverr takes $1 from each successful work you completed.

Payment are always accrued to your account and made available for instant withdrawal after 14 days from the day your work was completed.

You may withdraw your earnings into your paypal account or using other available methods that they have provided.

So if you are diligent enough to create about 200 gigs and you are getting 20 orders every day. That is cool  $100 for you but you are paid $80 because fiverr takes out $1 on each completed work as I explained before.

Want to Get Started with Fiverr now? Go Here.

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