Gmail's New Features. Compose Mails Faster!

Gmail. Almost everyone likes and uses Gmail account. It is one of the pioneers of the email industry. Millions of people love, and use Gmail, mainly because it's fast, secure and easy to use. Gmail is one of the best email services, and here is another reason why.
With the new upcoming Gmail features, it makes it even more easier to embrace and enjoy more fantasies coming from Google!

Compose and reply to emails quickly and easily

The new compose feature is a lot faster than before. Now, you can quickly compose and send you emails, and also reply to your emails just as quickly and easily.
Did you ever have to close the email you were typing out just to access some information in a previous email? Well this new compose function is here for you. It features a pop-up box, much like Facebook's chat. You can easily minimize or maximize it, and type your email into it.
You also have the option of composing multiple emails at once. And you can do a search for an email, or monitor your new emails without even closing the current email(s) you're typing.
“The new compose is designed to let you focus on what’s important: your message.” Google said. “The controls are still there when you need them but get out of the way when you don’t. We’ve even added some new features like the ability to easily insert inline images and have more to come.”
Google is also working on a feature that will let you see profile pictures of your contacts for easier selection, and to drag and drop them into the recipients' email. Another interesting feature indeed!
“You can also drag and drop the new address chips between to:, cc: and bcc:,” Google added. “When you’re done adding recipients, the address area collapses automatically to get out of your way.”

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  1. I love Google! Gmail has made a lot of cool changes over the years and this latest feature helps a lot when I do some serious replies to my emails.

    This came to me as a surprise and I never thought about this kind of feature before. :)


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