How to Fund and Withdraw From Your Etranzact Pocket Moni Wallet.

With many Nigerians now having the e-tranzact pocket moni on their mobile phone, one of the challenges users may be facing now which of course isn't a major challenge is how can I fund and withdrawal from my E-tranzact/Pocket Moni account.

This issue is going to be treated in this article clearly.

Kindly Note: If you have not been registered with e-tranzact mobile money service and you wish to register and download the mobile moni app onto your mobile phone now, I will advice that you read my previous article here on how to register and download e-tranzact pocket moni on your phone,Click here!

Now before you can fund your account I  believe that you are already registered with etranzact platform.

How to Fund Your Pocket Moni Account:

1. To start funding your e-tranzact pocket moni account is easy. There are several options available for you.
Firstly remember that you can receive money from any person who is also on pocket moni account.
You may also fund your pocket moni account as bank deposit from most banks in Nigeria.
That is , some one can walk into any bank like UBA, Zenith bank or Access Bank and pay into your PocketMoni account.
 All the person needs is your pocket moni phone number (your mobile number you used when registering).
You can also walk into any of these above mentioned banks yourself and fund your pocket moni account.
Here is a list of Pocket Moni Outlets you may use to fund your pocket moni: http://www.pocketmoni.com/outlets.html

2. Another way is by using the pocket moni website @ their website https://www.etranzact.net/WebConnectPlus/fundPockMoni.etz

Right from your bedroom, office or any where you can simply login online and fund/load your pocket moni account instantly.

3. You may also fund your account by using walking to any of the etranzact outlet/ Agent /Super Agent/Aggregator Offices located near you.

To have a view of the locations of the Super Agents in Nigeria kindly click here: http://www.pocketmoni.com/location.html

Now let's move to the Next Step....

How to Withdraw From Your Pocket Moni Account!

You may withdraw from your e-tranzact mwallet account by using the following ways:

1. Through your Genesis Card, this was the card issued to your upon successful registration of your etrazact account collected from their office.The card has been linked to your mobile account therefore any money you receive into your pocket moni account also automatically is in your credit card.

2. You can also withdraw by visiting any of their agent outlets/offices nationwide. Just walk into any Agent office and tell them you want to withdraw from your e-tranzact pocket moni account. You will be required to send the money you wish to withdraw to their account and you are paid your cash immediately. Though the agent may take a small fee or charge when you use their service.

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