7 Ways Students Can Make Money Offline/Online

As students we have always relied on our parents to supply us everything that we need and though they give us money for feeding, clothing, etc, sometimes the money seems quite not enough to foot some bills.Many times many students have asked the question of how they can make money themselves and reduce the dependence on their guardians for supplies and money.

This article intends to show you as a teen or student
in the college or university some 10 cool businesses you can do today with the little bucks you may have and grow it to the extent of getting whatever you want without bothering your parents.

1. Start a Class Lesson: Are you good in Math, Science or have a hands just like Jimmy Hendrix? then giving tutors and lessons is good for you. Many parents will pay you for your lessons because it costs cheaper than professionals. Get a space,even your room may be okay, give out some handbills and start getting some lower class students of yours that you can teach.

2. Design Logos: Teenagers are known for their creativity, they love experimenting with colors and creating cool and unique designs. But first they need to know how to use photoshop, it is not hard it is just like learning how to play dota, at first complicated but very easy when you get the hang of it.

These sites will buy professionally designed logo from you: 99designs, logobee

3. Make Money Blogging: Do you love to write? This could be hard for some teens but I know a 13 year old who is now a very successful blogger. His site is carlocab.com the kidblogger, read his story as it relates to most teenagers today.

Instead of playing online games on facebook or dota, why not write and blog something that you like and passionate about. Teens are known to have lots of youthful ideas. Use Google Adsense as the main way to earn on your blog. It is very effective especially for new bloggers. Keep the spirit when you start.

4. Make Money Answering Questions Online:
Webanswers gives you that! Teens can select specific question categories and can give desirable answers. If the asker thinks that your answers are perfect enough then you will be paid for answering. Looks pretty simply, requires less hard work and gives perfect results and its worth trying.

5. Sell Stuffs Online/Offline: Do you have small money saved? You may be thinking of what businesses can you do with that amount you have. There are numerous businesses you can do as a student. Firstly watch your area and see the need that many of them are hungry for, venture into it and provide the services or products and make money. In your school? Start selling something students want to buy in your school... can be books, shoes, clothes, sucks, think and grow rich! If you want to sell online, then you will consider getting a website set up for you.

6. Start a Bulksms Business: I personally know students who are into this business and are doing quite well. They engage all the school fellowships, associations to use their bulksms service.

7. Sell Recharge Cards: This is an every day need any where and everywhere. Though the profits is not huge, you can still get yourself going with the business.
I shall be adding more tips students on businesses that students can do in this blog... keep reading and don't forget to drop your email id in the space provided below.

Thank you.


  1. Thanks Eniola for this wonderful post, To me, the Best Way To make Money Online is through Blogging, and it seems am finding it interesting even Though it is not affecting My Education

    1. Hello Molak.... Yes blogging is a very powerful tool someone can use to make money online especially if you have the required traffic. It doesn't need to interfere with your studies at all if you plan your time well.


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