Download Over 55 Ebooks for only N2,500.

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Ebooks on Business, Investments, Wealth creation and Management:

  1. 18  steps for starting your business by Linda Pinson
  2. 21 Secrets of self made millionaires by Brian Tracy
  3. 39 success tips to make more money by Patrick Chan
  4. How to market your coaching practice on the internet. By Milana Nastetskaya
  5. 63 killer marketing strategies - By Dan S. Kenedy.
  6. 101 Money secrets: Tips from America’s top money minds.
      7.    101 Productive and Creative Things To Do When
              Your Company Is Preparing To Lay You Off, You
           Have Already Been Laid Off, Or You’ve Been Fired/
     Sacked/Shown The Door/Told To Take A Hike

8. 117 Instant Product ideas by Jeff Gardner
      9. How to Make up to 700 dollars or more on the internet in only 7 days or less.By Jerome Chapman.
     10. Attitude is Everything. Change your attitude and you change your life!
     11. Automatic wealth. The six steps to financial freedom.
     12. Rich Dad’s The Business School. For people who like helping people.
      13. Trump strategies for Real Estate.
      14. E-Money! The Complete Guide To Using The Internet To Profit At Home NOW! By Dr. Jeffrey Lant
      15.  Multiple streams of income by Robert G. Allen.
       16. My 50 Favorite Nothing Down Techniques. By Robert G. Allen
       17. The prosperity series by Randy Gage
       18.  Rich Dad, Poor Dad By Robert T. Kiyosaki V1.0(9-9-2002)
        19. Selling Your Expertise. How to Build a Wildly Profitable Business Selling Your idea, Knowledge and Expertise to Individuals, Businesses, Nongovernmental
and Government Agencies in Nigeria
       20. Trump: How to Get Rich! By Donald Trump.
       21. Why We Want you to Be Rich: By Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki.


23. Cutting Family Food Finances.
24.  Cutting family living clothing and personal care expenses.
25. Cutting Family Living Recreation, Health Care, Gifts and Contributions, Education, and other Expenses
26. Managing The Family Finances
Should You Have Separate Bank Accounts, Or Will One Do?
“Let's Talk…about Money” TM
By: Paul Barton & Barry Spilchuk

27. Living on a Fixed Income.


28. The healing power of Honey ebook.
29. The healing power o Garlic.
30. Female hair loss remedy.
31. Health and Fitness ebook.
32. Diet and Weight Loss.
33. How to overcome shyness.
34. How to stop smoking forever.
35. Stopping depression.


  1. Brian’s Tracy 21 laws of success.
37. Brian’s Tracy principle of success.
38. Breaking through limitations.
  1. Writing an Effective Business plan.


  1. Great Success Quotes.
  2. 66 ways to save money.
  3. 404 self improvement tips.
  4. How to win in everything you do.
  5. 7 habits of highly successfully people.


45. Job help: action words for resumes.
46.Job help: call back interview.
  1. Dressing for the interview
  2. General interviewing tips.
  3. Great words to describe your skills.
  4. Job help: ask these questions in an interview.
  5. Job help: negotiating offers.
  6. Job help: professional dress for women.
  7. 10 insider secrets to a winning job search.
  8. Job help: dressing for the interview.

Public Speaking Ebooks:

  1. 38 ways to win an argument.
  2. How to Speak so people will listen.
  3. Tips for Giving Effective Presentation.
  4. How to be an information multi millionaire.

These are the ebooks that you shall be giving when you order at only N2,500 valid for a limited time. The above ebooks worth more than $1000. But you are getting them at a meager fee of N2,500.

After payment kindly text me your email address to 08186521375 or 07038844295.


Eniola Adewale
Founder WazobiaBlog.com

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