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Although you are not required to promote your referral URL, you can earn cash at a much faster rate when you join NetgradeWealth randomizer program. You might even get paid twice if you are the direct sponsor and also a referred sponsor. Make sure you have a liberty reserve account and get it funded with $20 before you join the program and start making money.

How It Works:

1. Visit http://netgradewealth.com 

2.Pay your direct sponsor the sum of $10.. Click here!
3. Pay your random sponsor the sum of $5

4.  Pay the admin $5 for site upkeep, traffic and advertisement- Making a total of $20 you need to join this program.

5. Upon successful registration, you will be asked to register and then provided your own personalized website like this http://netgradewealth.com/promo.php?from=eniolawalex

Briefly, these are the benefits when you join netgrade wealth randomiser:

- You Get Paid Instantly - No Minimum Amounts, No Monthly Payments... Instantly!
- No Sponsoring Required, Your Link Is Rotated
- Access to Free e-book & Software In Your Members Area!


  • If Your URL Is Used To Promote NetGradeWealth When A Member Joins You Will Be Guaranteed The $10.00 Sponsor Payment!

  • If A Member Joins And You Are Picked By The System As The Random Member You Will Get $5.00!

  • If A Member Joins And YOU Are The Sponsor AND The Random Member YOU Will Receive $15.00!
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