Get Paid $10 Instantly Every Time into Your Liberty Reserve Account.

Although you are not required to promote your referral URL, you can earn cash at a much faster rate when you join NetgradeWealth randomizer program. You might even get paid twice if you are the direct sponsor and also a referred sponsor. Make sure you have a liberty reserve account and get it funded with $20 before you join the program and start making money.

How It Works:

1. Visit 

2.Pay your direct sponsor the sum of $10.. Click here!
3. Pay your random sponsor the sum of $5

4.  Pay the admin $5 for site upkeep, traffic and advertisement- Making a total of $20 you need to join this program.

5. Upon successful registration, you will be asked to register and then provided your own personalized website like this

Briefly, these are the benefits when you join netgrade wealth randomiser:

- You Get Paid Instantly - No Minimum Amounts, No Monthly Payments... Instantly!
- No Sponsoring Required, Your Link Is Rotated
- Access to Free e-book & Software In Your Members Area!


  • If Your URL Is Used To Promote NetGradeWealth When A Member Joins You Will Be Guaranteed The $10.00 Sponsor Payment!

  • If A Member Joins And You Are Picked By The System As The Random Member You Will Get $5.00!

  • If A Member Joins And YOU Are The Sponsor AND The Random Member YOU Will Receive $15.00!
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