How to Become a Successful Blogger in 2013.

Hello fellow blogger, how was 2012 in the blogging journey? Was it good, great, better, successful or stressful?
If you are still in line like us, I must say you should be very proud of yourself. Blogging isn't an easy thing job. For me the most important reason for blogging is to try to help people by giving out enriching information that might be of help to them.

What is your purpose of blogging? Only you can answer this question.

Are you a full or a part time blogger?
Reasons are that, no matter how your 2012 was, there are high prospects for 2013.

Here are some things you may do to your Blog to Make it Successful in 2013

1. Join as many facebook groups as possible.
2. Comment on other related blogs
3. Guest post on other people's blogs
4. Increase your daily post of articles on your blog. If you have been posting one article per day, you may increase it to four.
5. Try appreciating ideas and look out for ways to make your blog look better.
6. Get the necessary plugins that you need to add to your blog.
7. Post free articles on forums.
8. Locate big blog community like bloggers.com and join.
9. Be calm and smart
10. Attract more popular bloggers to your blog.

These and more can be helpful to you in our blogging journey next year.

Best Regards

Eniola Adewale

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