NairaInvestmentClub.com: Prospects for the Year 2013.

The Naira Investment Club also known as the Best Nigerian Investment Networking Initiative is out with new prospects for the incoming year 2013.

The club has celebrated recently, thanking God for the grace of running  the business for more than 3 years.  This is a networking initiative still considered to be the best in the country. With many benefits attached to being a member of the club, it is worth joining if you are not a member yet.

Here are some of the Highlights of the Benefits to members:

1. Ability to download information products in form of e-books and software monthly. You dont need to pay a dime once you become an activated member.

2. 24hours customer care support.

3. Make money from unlimited referrals who join your downlines for LIFE!

4. Make money from unlimited indirect referrals who join through your indirect downlines for LIFE! You can't beat this.

5. Low cost ACTIVATION FEE for unactivated members only N3,000. You even make this money back from your first referral.

6. Over 20,000 members cannot be wrong. Many people have benefited from this program.
You may even ask your next door neighbor if he has heard or joined NairaInvestmentClub

This is the online investment company in Nigeria that pays N2,000 per person/referral/downline/... no limit to levels whatsoever like other programs. You are not limited to earnings. If you  refer within 6 months 1000 people in Nigeria... You Make =N2,000,000 instantly. That is: N2000x1000. No doubt!

Payments are always made into your Nigerian bank account you specify when you register with them.

You make money also from indirect referrals/indirect downlines/... that is people who register through the people that you refer. You make unending N500 from them also for LIFE!

Naira Investment Club Prospects for Year 2013.

Naira Investment Club has come to stay.
The following are some of the prospects they have for 2013:

1. Create massive awareness all over the country concerning the club.
2. Reach a database of 1 Million Nigerians before the end of year 2013.
3. Create branded T-shirts, Bags, Face caps, pens, etc
4. Engage in Jingles, T.V adverts, radio ads  etc

5. Give executive bonuses to top performers of the club.
6. Rule out different plans and more revenue for our members.

and many more.

Ready to get started with NairaInvestmentClub Nigeria?
Go here www.nairainvestmentclub.com and register, pls in the space requiring for referral username, kindly put: 'Wazobia'

Thank you.

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