Blogging Topics That are Against Adsense Policies.

Google adsense program is a widely used tool that had created a source of income for millions of people world wide.

Millions of blogger including me use adsense as part of revenue generation on our blogs. Hardly there is no blog you will come across that you will not see adsense ad-serving program on it.

Bloggers, aside blogging for fun have always find ways to maximize their earning potentials  by including google adsense and while many people have always be receiving Google's hammer due to violation of their terms and condition of services, this posts aim at addressing the blogging Topics that are restricted and against terms of service of Adsense.

Therefore, if you must continue serving Google adsense ads, you should not write on any of the following Blog topics. Writing of such topics may risk your account to be banned.

 Copyrighted  Materials: Writing contents that violates copyright law. When using contents that have copyrights always request for permission and include the source in your article.

Gambling: Google frowns at Gambling site or anything related to it.

Hacking and Cracking: Hacking and encouraging cracking of websites in contents is highly prohibited.

Adult Related Contents: Adsense is against prostitution, sexually explicit  and contents linking and related to adult materials.

Drugs and other addictive materials: Pharmaceuticals and drugs related materials are not allowed on Google products.Google prohibits putting up Ads on pages that sell or promote illegal or prescription drugs, especially narcotics.

Weapons and Promotions of Violence: Google forbids acts of promotion of weapons and any form of violence against any tribe, religion, ethnicity etc that may constitute a form of war in any respect.

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