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Do you have your own blog or website and you want to sell it? You may consider selling your website at flippa. Flippa is a great way to sell your website and domains quickly.

Now, to really know the approximate value of your website there are so many things to consider like the time your site has been running, the amount of work you have done to it.
The level of traffic your blog has, the revenue it has generated for you and the future of your website is very important. These are some of the things you are to consider when selling your website to help you come up with a good price.

How much page views do you get daily?
How many views do you get monthly?
How do you monetise your website? Do you use adsense, clickbank, amazon, e-commerce, ads sales etc?
How much does it make for you daily and monthly?
How much do you spend on it averagely monthly?
These are quite few steps to know about your blog/website before you auction it.

It is also very useful to use websiteoutlook to help you evaluate your website so you can get a good picture into what you are about selling.

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If you have any further questions regarding selling your blog or website kindly let me know.


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