How to add Blogger Poll Widget Within Posts.

A Blogger Poll widget enables your visitors make a choice of selected answer from a question you may have created as a poll. The overall poll results would be displayed for your visitors to see and know the top choice for your products and services from the poll.

An embeddable poll widget can be put within blogger blog posts if you follow the below instructions keenly.
The Blogger poll widget results are stored on Google servers and even when you delete the Poll widget from your sidebar the results will still remain stored forever.

How to Add Blogger Poll Widget to Posts:

1. You will need to copy the poll widget code from the source file by visiting your blog,
and then press Ctrl +U
2. Press Ctrl+F, and search for this :

3. Next, you will find a code that starts with iframe and ends with iframe.

4. Copy the code and paste it anywhere within your blog post/article.

5. That's it!

Once you have copied the code from your blog's source file then you can delete the poll widget from the sidebar by going to Blogger > Design > Page Elements as usual. Guess you know this before!

Hope you find it useful and easy.

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