How to Get The Most Out Of Your Internship in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are many courses that offer internships as part of the undergraduate training. Internships are an integral part of college and a students’future. Different types of Internships or rather House-manships are know. They can either be paid or free.

Some courses that offer paid internship programs are Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Radiography, Nursing Sciences, etc.

The major aim of internship is to enable you as a professional to have a finger on the job. Some of the practical experiences that you missed while in school can be done during internship. It is expected to provide you real hands-on-the-job experience perfection in your area of expertise.

There are some other courses that may not require an internship, it’s best to nonetheless seek one out, even whether it is simply half time or during holidays.

When on paid internships, do not be engage in activities that may wreck your status as a professional when dealing with other colleagues where you are working.

Always be punctual to work.

Do not disobey the rules and regulations guiding the ethics of the profession you are into.

Be disciplined!

Don't be a spending freak. Internships may be a great way to generate capital or your upcoming business and company. So utilize every resources in your care because the opportunity may come only once.

Create a friendly attitude with your co-workers and boss.

Do not compromise whatever the condition. Always hold-on to your beliefs.

I hope this article helps Ladies and Gentlemen who may be in pursuit of or already in, an internship.


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