How to Install A New Blogger Template.

There are many websites online that provide you with free custom blogger and wordpress template. The use of templates reduces the stress of trying to build and design your blog from scratch. All you have to do is to search for the templates that you wish to instal on your blog and upload it using the steps outlined below.

This instruction is specifically for blogger blog templates.

You can get free custom templates for blogger from the following websites:

1. Finalsense
2. eBlogtemplates
3. Beep The Geek
Blogger Buster

How to Install A Custom Blogger Template:

Kindly note that the templates are always a XML file, which sometimes comes compressed/zipped, in which case you’ll need to decompress/unzip it to your hard drive to get the XML file of the template.

To Upload The Template To Your Blog

Follow the following procedures to use the template you downloaded on your blog;
1. Login to your Blogger account.

2. From the Dashboard click Layout click Edit HTML
The Backup/Restore Template and Edit Template page will open.
Warning: Save your current template first, so that if anything go wrong along the line you can restore your template back to the saved state.
Note: you will lose any widget or page element you currently have on your blog. So, it’s advisable that you backup the contents of your widgets by copying and pasting them in notepad and then save it on your hard drive, except the blog is freshly new or you are willing to loss all your current widgets and page elements.
3. Click “Download Full Template” link under the Backup/Restore heading to backup your current template.

4. Locate the folder on your PC where you want to save the file and click on “Save”. I’ll advice you create a folder and name it Blog Backup, for easy referencing. Also, change the name of the file while backing up to some thing like “YourBlogName_templateBackup-May-30-2009.xml
Now, to upload the third party template you have earlier to your blog,

5. Click “Browse” next to the “Upload file from your hard drive” and browse to the location of the XML file of the custom template you just downloaded.

6. Select the file and click open, double check to make sure you have selected the correct file.

7. Click on the “Upload” button and the template will be uploaded to your blog.
Note: You will see a warning that “Widgets are about to be deleted“. Click the “Confirm and Save” button
8. The HTML code of the template will now automatically appear in the “Edit Template” Box, If you want to view how the new template looks on your blog, click on “View Blog”

9. You are now Done!
If you run into any problem, please let me know by dropping a comment on the form below.

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