MyBlogGuest: Publish as a Guest Author and or Find Authors. Get More Backlinks!

Guest blogging is one of the most effective strategy in getting more traffic to your website. Guest posting in related blogs like yours gives you more quality backlinks to your webpages.
With the use of MyBlogGuest you can easily find authors who are ready to guest post on your blog. You can also find for free, websites where to can post as a guest author.

MyBlogguest is a pretty nice community, where you can meet up with other bloggers and share your awesome content!

It helps bloggers connect, and share content. Guest blogging can either refer to people writing for other blogs, or bloggers inviting other people to write for their blogs.Which one do you prefer?

Why Guest Post in the first place? The Benefits of Guest Blogging:

Guest posting may be similar to submitting submitting articles to directories.

1. You get Free Backlinks: Backlinks are crucial for any blog's good rankings, you get it from your author's info.

2. It increases your traffic, since the people reading your post on that other blog might follow you through your link.

3. It builds up your credibility.

4. You'll only need to review a post and publish it, rather than writing one from scratch if you allow guest post on your blog.

MyBlogGuest is a guest blogging community run by Ann Smarty, a talented SEO expert. This community aims at providing guest bloggers a unified platform where they can exchange content, connect with each other, get help, promote their articles, and build their engagement, everything absolutely for free!

How it Works:

There are two major forum sections at myblogguest: Looking for a blog and Looking for guest authors. Their functions are pretty straightforward.

In the Looking for blogs section, you will see blogs that accept guest posting arranged in neat categories and lists. You can look for blogs by genre, or look them up. You can contact the blogs you select as per their guidelines for guest writing. In the Looking for guest authors section, you can search for guest authors willing to guest post on your blog.
You can them accept them on your blog.

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