What Can You do to Make Money? Simple Money Making Ideas.

In other to make money in life, you must have something valuable to offer. There is just something you must possess that makes people desperate to give you their money. Once you know this secret, there is 101% assurance that you will never lack money in your life again.

Humans and other living things need to eat or feed, shelter to protect themselves, clothes to wear, medication for good health etc. The human mind needs information to improve our means of living through the means of living through the means of education, information, transportation and communication, which all helps us to gain knowledge.
Humans need others to accept and love them and do so in return. Finally, all humans want to leave a legacy or good name when they die or leave this world and they achieve this through spiritual means and good works.

When you now know the particular need you have a passion to provide a solution for, you then need to train yourself to gain a skill. A skill is an ability to use your knowledge effectively in getting things done or in providing solutions to a problem and there are three basic types of skills, which we can acquire and they are as follows:




1. TERTIARY/EDUCATIONAL SKILL: In this type of skill you are trained to be a professional in a chosen field of endeavour. You can be trained as a medical doctor, medical laboratory scientist, engineer, pharmacist, a nurse, a lawyer etc.

2. VOCATIONAL SKILL: This is an important skill you either develop yourself or you learn from someone who is a mentor in that field. Drawing, singing, dancing, writing (Inborn) etc or secondly, a skill you can either learn from somebody who has and has succeeded in using that skill, examples include a trader, a mechanic, a tailor etc. You do not need a school certificate or university degree to obtain this type of skill. You learn it!

3. ENTREPRENEURIAL SKILL: This is regarded as the most important skill you will ever have. This type of skill will assist you in managing the two of skill will assist you in managing the two other skills you have, which are the vocational and tertiary skills.

This skill is important because that it would teach you how to know what the problems or needs of people are, how to provide solutions to the problems or needs, by creating a product or service which would achieve this, how to make people know or learn about the solutions your offering and how to manage the money that comes in and goes out from the solutions you are offering.

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