How to Enable 'Auto Posting' in Blogger Blog

Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers. This morning I want to reveal one of the most important blogger features people have always over looked. Right now, if I ask you if you knew anything about auto posting in blogger, It is likely I receive a no answer. Many bloggers have not started using this feature in their blog spot account.

What is Blogger Auto Posting?

Blogger auto-posting enables you to post articles in your blogger post area without you posting.
With blogger auto posting, you can easily manage the type of posts entering your blog, the kind of articles in a particular niche that you want.

In addition  to enabling posts to be automatically added to your blogger accounts, you can also enable draft features etc.

How to Enable Blogger Auto-Posting Feature in Blogger:

Have you been subscribing for newsletters, articles from websites? Do you love getting newsletters into your mail box?

Then this auto-posting feature can be of great advantage for you without you going to your mail boxes again, as everything gets displayed on your blog for you to read and your visitors also.

- Firstly log into your blogger account to your dashboard.
- Click on settings
- Click on mobile and email
- Under the email, you will see publishing as email..... nairainvestmentclub.(secret words)@blogger.com. You need to put a 'secret word' in that space provided and this becomes your email address.

- Tick other options as deem appropriate to you, if you use that email address in any newsletter or subscription website and they send you any updates, they will land automatically on your blog.

With this feature, yo can get a steady stream of traffic from the search engines without you writing any content.

That is it!
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Eniola Adewale
Chief Blogger

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  1. do you know any website that you can subscribe to their newsletters with you blogger email?if yes,pls write the websites.Also if you post those newsletters on your blog,wouldn't you be violating any copyright law?


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