How to Ensure Fast Google Adsense Account Approval.

Recently most adsense new publishers have been finding it difficult to get their adsense account approved. I believe with this important article, your adsense account would be approved faster if you yield to these simple rules that adsense is looking for before they can allow you into their program.

Page type error? Have you received such a message before from adsense? This is the most common message that blog owners received very frequently from Adsense.
When you submit a sign up application to Adsense then after checking your application they can send you an email saying that your blog can't be a part of google adsense due to page type error

How to Hasten Faster Adsense Account Approval from Google:

- Content is king! Your ability to shun out contents daily into your website is very important. With good quality content to your webpage, you can be rest assured of free organic traffic coming to your website from the search engines.

- Get a DotCom domain name: It is very obvious that Google had since refused accepting subdomains into their program. If you are serious about Google adsense program why not purchase a domain name for it and host it as well before submitting your application.

- Create Pages: Aside creating a blogging platform for your business, don't forget the importance of creating as many pages as possible like About us, Contact us, etc

- Avoid Paid to Read Advertisements: This is one of the reasons why your account may not have been approved. In those days, this is one top reason adsense will disapprove your account because any advertisement that provide incentives for clicks is a violation to their terms and condition.

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