5 Good Blogging Platforms To Start With in 2013.

Blogging becomes quit popular nowadays, more and more people are constantly entering into its atmosphere, one can start a blog as an interest, a platform to share things or a platform to make money. We had written a separate article for this.

to have successful blog a good and featured blogging platform is very essential, different types of  blogging platform are here which offers different services and option. A successful blog utilize time and patience of user that's why selection of platform should be carefully done.

This tutorial covers top 5 blogging platform that are quiet popular and have great customer service offered, if you are going to start a blog you have to take a look.


the most popular platform, covers huge amount of bloggers. It offer both free and paid service which comprises of large number of themes and plugins. In the great list of top 100 blogs, greater than 50 blogs are WordPress blogs that's the reason of its popularity but also of its offered service. Its community support is superb.

So if you are interested for a blog,  WordPress may be the best option for you. It has an Alexa rank of 22 and Page rank of 9.


Blogger is also very popular as it is offered by Google and its blog are hosted on Google server, which are extremely secured. Blogger blogs are very easy to create, maintained and monetize. Widget control area is very smooth than WordPress, widget can be easily add or remove. Generally this platform is recommended to beginner bloggers whereas WordPress is for expert one.


Joom comes in third position. It is a CMS platform and has ability to create almost every type of websites like business, eCommerce, blogs or social networking sites.  


It is considered as micro blogging platform and is useful for people who want to write short blog post. It is packed with smart features like audio, picture, domain and an easy setup account. In this blogging platform, you can post lot of images with short artic2les. It has an Alexa rank of 32 and page rank of 8.

Type Pad

It is full functional micro blogging platform that is used by most of the professional bloggers. It is a movable type, here you can import or export the content of other platform. It have an Alexa rank of 430 and Page rank of 8.


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