6 Important Must Have Widgets To Put on Your Blog.

Every blogger either you are a word press or a blogspot blogger, you need to know that aside blogging and publishing posts daily on your blog there are other essential tools you need to add to make your blog growing, enticing and charming to your visitors.

Widget and plugins are tools that are made to perform some specific action on your blog some of them are subscriber widget, facebook,twitter fan page, likes etc

Some of those things are the use of relevant and essential most have widgets on your blog:

1. Sharing Widget

This is an  important widget which relates to promotion of your blog post and its generally placed below the blog post or post title. Blogs that receives huge amount of traffic daily get more benefit with this widget. There is only one sharing widget officially provided by Blogger team which always display at the end of a post article but we have large number of social sharing widget out here to choose from.

 2. Related Post Widget

Related Post widget binds your readers to your blog with another new post when he/she just read out a complete article. It offers new posts under the same labels which ensure readers to spent some more time on blog.

3. Subscription Count Widget
Feed burner currently provides this.Count widget tells about the popularity of a blog by displaying total number of subscribed readers. You can either install individual widget of Facebook fan box, Google plus and Twitter or you can make a static widget to display your subscriber readers of different platform at once
You can place this widget at a position where it can get maximum attention from your readers.

4. Subscription Widget
It is the most important widget on a blog and you should be very specific with the selection of subscription widget. To get maximum attention of readers its appearance should be dark enough as compared with your blog theme. Its placing may be either on sidebar top or just below the blog post.

5. Popular Post Widget
Every blog has some high traffic generating articles which should be shown off to readers. it generally gives an additional boost up to your blog post so always think about to add this widget on your blog. It may be well placed on your sidebar area.

6. Search Widget
This widget is also very important because it allows your readers to search for articles right from your blog. This widget is officially provided by both of the platform and it should be on top most position of your blog either in header or sidebar top.

Stay on top!

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