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This is a guest article post from my friend Aaron aaron@chatwing.com
Starting a business like car deals can quite tiresome if you don’t have the proper tools. Much more so if you’re doing it online. People can get uninterested with what you’re selling if you don’t tend to them quickly. You’ll need to provide them with sufficient costumer service and to do that you must be in constant communication with them. And Chatwing chat widget will provide you with the best way there is.

Chatwing chat widget is a chat tool that your hands can easily get access to because it’s free. This chat software installs itself in seconds and can be embedded into your website just as easily. You can also make a separate window of your chat box which can easily be turned into a pop-out window for added versatility. Though I prefer to embed it to your website, what you do with it is entirely up to you.

As your costumers browse your selections you can chat to them about everything related to your business. They can easily reply to you if they have questions since the chat widget is optimized with its own social media integration capacity. They can join in the chat room just by logging in through their Facebook or Twitter accounts. But if they want to be anonymous, they can also sign up as guests.

Customize your chat room in any way you want. Make it suit your website’s theme for a better feel. There’s a wide selection of options you can choose from to suit everyone tastes. You can even embed mp3 into your chat room to make it all the more entertaining for you costumers.

The chat widget also has its own management and control features available to you. The blacklist feature lets you block any chatters their Facebook or Twitter account or even their IP address. It also prevents spammers from getting the better of your chat room as it can also delete messages with a single click. It even comes with a word filter that can filter out any word you want.

These features can assure you that you’ll have a meaningful conversation with your future buyers. You can also give these controls to other people, to help support you in your website. Assign them as moderators that will also tend to the customers concerns and suggestions.

Being able to chat with your customers not only provides customer satisfaction, it can also gather web traffic, which is essential if you want your business to grow bigger. That is why it’s imperative that you must have constant communication with them at all times. That is not a problem since Chatwing chat widget is Android OS and Apple IOS friendly, so it can be accessed through your mobile phone. Now you can chat with your customers wherever and whenever you go.

Just as what most of us do today, you must also stay connected with your viewers and future buyers. Reply to them as they ask questions or simply have a conversation with them; it would let them know that you’re only giving the best customer service out there. Who knows, that very person you’re chatting now might be your newest buyer yet.

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