Recharge & Subscribe on Your Etizalat Interface For Browsing.

Do you use the Etizalat modem to browse the internet like me? If you use the etizalat modem to browse, and you have been manually recharging first by removing the sim card and inserting into your phone, and then subscribe.You now remove the sim card back and put in your modem to browse. Why follow that stressful way to recharge and browse when you can actually recharge and subscribe right instantly on the etizalat modem installed on your computer without removing the sim card, all you need to do is to buy your recharge cards.

How to Recharge and Subscribe on Etizalat Modem Right on Your PC.

Firstly, launch the etizalat browsing platform on your system.

You see the tabs containing Connection, SMS, Phonebook, Setting, Naira Account, Data Account, Help, Etizalat.

You need to understand that each section/tab has its own functionality.

Now, for you to recharge first, click on the "Naira Account" menu
You will see 'Recharge' option, click on it and it will pop up a rectangular space below to enter the card number. Just input the numbers as they appear in your recharge card without adding any code whatsoever. After inputing the code, click on 'Send'

It would pop up and prompt you your account balance.

Now that your card has been added successfully, go back to "data account" and click on the 'buy data plan'

You will see the different plans to choose from, kindly choose the one that suites the amount of recharge that you just did.

That is it.

Do not stress yourself again


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