Hot Truths About Making Money Online.

Nowadays there are many websites online that promise in one way or the other to show you how to make thousands and millions online overnight. Those are just marketing and gimmicks to trick you into putting down your hard-earned money in buying their so called materials and software and at the end get you frustrated.

the truth is that online business is very real but it takes time to build to really make money online. You can make residual income online just like I do but there are some facts you must know. That is the purpose of this article.


1. When you have an Internet access, computer and a phone, it's possible to earn a living and make money from home, on the internet.

2. You need a very low start-up capital to start an online business. You just need ideas, personal computer, internet access and some softwares installed on your computer.Though, you can start from Cyber-Cafes just like I started.

3. There are plenty of legal ways to earn money from home you just have to read e-books, get a mentor, attend seminars. The whole deal is to acquire some ideas and knowledge.

4. Working online does not make a lot of money for most people, but over time it is certainly possible to make a strong full-time income. Don't be deceived there is no overnight riches

5. You reap what you sow. It takes a lot of serious hard work to make money online.

6. You don't need to know html, programming, graphic design etc before you can start making money online. You can find someone that can do any of those things for you and take over as the admin.

7. You just have to sell something, be it a product (physical/digital) or services for you to make money online. If you don't sell something or render a service, then what will people be paying you for if they are to send money into your account or send cheques to you?

8. You must have your website or blog where you will be making money online which will be available 247 for people to access anytime anyday unless you have issues with your server.

9. You can work once and keep earning on the internet. You can create an information product which will keep earning you money for life.

10. Not everybody can make money online. There is no guarantee you will succeed just as there is no guarantee that you will make money if you invest in any business offline.

11.Don't be Tempted to be jerk of all trades. In fact, if you try to do everything people are doing to make money online, you might end up in confusion, which might lead to failure. Hence, pick a model and focus on it. For example, I am focusing on creating content (info marketing, blogging) despite knowing that I can also make money trading forex online,Football trading, Betonmarket, buying/selling stocks online etc.

I believe this article should be an eye opener for you if you just want to get started in making money online. Remember, if you stumble on anything that sounds too good to be true, just RUN. There is no magic on the internet. You have to work in other to be making cool money online like I do

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