How to Prepare and Pass an Exam.

Are you a student struggling to pass your exams? These useful tips will help you achieve success in your forthcoming examinations if you adhere strictly to them with prayers too.

1. Be conscious of your time: Time management is crucial. Don't waste time doing going for outings that won't benefit you when you should be reading or studying your materials.

2. Ask as many questions as possible: Don't under-estimate the power in asking questions. Ask questions related to the subjects you are taking either from brilliant friends in school or why not go straight and meet your teacher teaching the course for more explanations.

3. Spend at least one hour each day/night reading and studying your notes even when no announcements has been made about an upcoming exam or assessment.

4. Do not start studying the night before. Start from the very beginning of starting lectures.

5. Use your class noted together with a high lighter pen to make outlines of the material.

6. Incorporate index cards to help you remember better.

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