OrdertoNigeria.com: Any Anything From Abroad Down To Nigeria

OrdertoNigeria is a genuine and reputable internet platform for buying and shipping items (small or large) from the US or Canada to Nigeria without any hassles.

Our solid background and many years of customer satisfaction speak for us.

We ship all sizes ranging from small items to heavy Industrial equipments.
We also provide liaisons with companies in the US and Canada on your behalf and professional services as required.

Some of our services are but not limited to:

  • Purchasing of general items/goods (example, clothes, household items, electronics, computers, hardware's, utensils, basic needs (foods, baby foods, diapers etc) etc.
  • Payment Transaction on your behalf (Tuitions / fees for schools, conferences fees etc)
  • Small to heavy duty equipment sourcing, purchasing and shipping
  • Purchasing and shipping of new and used automobiles (Cars, SUV, Trucks)
  • Debit card services
  • Executive Assistant for all your professional needs
We will ensure we act as the middleman from sourcing to receiving at our office location or where you would like for us to deliver it.

This is only a website review and you should make your own jugdments fore using any of these services.

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