Starting an Internet Marketing Business. What You Should Do.

I read a post on this topic on Bloggers.com and I decide to share it with my readers.
Here is an excerpt from the article.

Over time, people of the Internet have been doing online businesses. They start eCommerce, e-learning, membership sites, offering consultations, web services, etc. Then they try so hard to get traffic and convert them to buyers. That's where this method comes in.

**Become the Middleman**
Wanna make some money? The method is simple but its a lot of work:
- Find Good Quality Services - Ranging from whatever to whatever.
- Contact the owner or service provider or product seller to go into a deal
- For every sale (not leads) that you make to their product/service, you get some agreed % on commission.
- Once they agree, keep a Google Doc Spreadsheet of these agreed services (so it becomes a package). Ask them to create a tracking URL (without making it look like a referral or affiliate link). If they can't, use Convertable.com or similar.
- Go and be active on social networks, forums and blog communities or anywhere where people hangout.
- Find the potential customers who complains or in need of something.
- Tell them that you found something for them and give them the link.
- You made money and it cost you nothing but effort and time.

This is the potential of being a sales marketer without being attached to the service provider or product seller. All you need is that special tracking URL and there you have it.
So be sure that its not the affiliate links that you're giving them (they already know what an aff link or ref link looks like), give them the tracking URL.

This requires no Investment at all. Just market services or product to people and get commission.
If you need a place to start, you can go to the following sites:
- referralkey.com
- Any freelancing sites
- Classified Sites looking for Marketers
- Linkedin.com
- Etc

SOURCE: http://bloggers.com/talk/make-1500-a-month_18511by Abdul Qoyyuum

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