10 Quick Low Startup Capital Cash Businesses A Student Can Do in School.

Many business minded students are often faced with the challenges of what kind of business to start up with in their schools. With the help of this timely article every student who is aspiring to start a business venture can make use of these useful business ideas and get started with something productive without regrets.
As we all know, a school environment is a good place that someone like you can run a business even with little capital.

10 Low Start Up Capital Businesses for Students:

1. Sale of Pure and Table Water: It is certain that everyone will be interested in taking drinks but many would go for bottled water. This could even be sachet water or pure water as it is called in Nigerian parlance. A bag of sachet water which contains 20 sachet sells for N70 for example. As a retailer you are sure of making N30 margin selling for N5 each. Your big break is in volumes sold. The same goes for the table water which sells for N50 per bottle.

2. Sale of Ice Cream: This is a huge cash-raking opportunity for those who run mobile ice cream business. Those selling yoghurt too should be sure of sales.

3. Sale of Canned and other Flavoured Drinks: This type of business is also brisk especially at school entrances with the human traffic. You can be smart enough to visit as many as possible to market your drinks.

4. Sale of Snacks: Apart from water and drinks, it is certain that snacks will be in hot demand by students in schools and outside the environment. Snacks ranging from Gala or sausage, doughnut, cake, chin chin, biscuit etc will make good ales.

5. Sale of Food. You can be sure not everyone will go for snacks. Some will prefer real food like rice, beans, yam etc. The demand will come from those who left the hostel or home without eating.

6. Sale of Recharge Cards: Communication is one thing we cannot do without especially when students need to make phone calls here and there.

7. GSM Call Centre

8. Sale of Newspaper and Magazine.

9. Roasted Snacks Business.

10. Sale of Fruits.

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