Top Alternatives to Liberty Reserve You Can Start Using.

Upon the closure of Liberty Reserve website some days ago, one will start to wonder what other alternatives there are to go opt for. Since the advent of e-currency exchange services on the internet many years ago during the time of E-gold, E-bullion and Liberty Reserve, the first two had since gone while Liberty Reserve 'demise' just occurred recently.

This is not to say that after the three major used e-currencies had gone one would not have other alternative to go for. The truth is that many more exchange digital services are still out there for us to use including the ones that shall be listed out in this timely article.

List of Alternative Digital Exchange Services:

- PerfectMoney
- Webmoney
- Payza
- Solid TrustPay
- EgoPay
- Ok-Pay

The most sought after e-currency now is PerfectMoney ever since the shutting down of Liberty Reserve by the US government.


Eniola Adewale

Chief Blogger

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