Gmail SMS Shut Down!

Today, Google owner of Gmail SMS product has shut down their service. This was a message I received in my phone now because I am a user of Gmail sms service. Did you receive such a message too?

If truly and I suppose that it is true that Gmail SMS has gone could you simply share your experiences with wazobiablog about the service. How has it benefited you and what were the disadvantages if any.

What do you think made Gmail to shut down their Gmail sms delivery product?

Lovely suggestions welcome.



  1. I got that message too today on my phone. I sure hope they resume operations because that's one of the advantages of using GMAIL SMS i don't have to constantly log in to check mail. What happened? Anyone with a clue??

  2. Ago tell you oh, google has sent me da sem mesej. Aaai(holding his head in disbelief)! This is terrible.

    Haha, I just had to do that. You nigerians are hilarious, and suprisingly good at football. 6-1 with tahiti, that's something.

    On a serious note though, I love the sms service. It makes email feel like internet messaging especially when you are really low on data and the signal is screwing with you. I come from Kenya btw. The best theory for this service being stopped is that google is a little low on cash- which is highly unlikely- to pay the service providers. Or, they find it hasn't really caught up like their other services. They did the same to google reader which they said it wasn't used by many people. Peace out

  3. Getting to read important emails on time.

  4. @ Tim.. I don't think Gmail sms is coming back... I only think maybe many people are not using it that's why they decided to shut it down.

    @ SLEVIN, LOL I was shocked too when i read their message on my phone

    They only knew their purpose for shutting it down.

    Yes definitely, GMAIL sms ease the stress of logging in everytime to check mails. You can simply reply too instantly.

    I really love the service.


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